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3 Dishes Neighborhood Restaurant Review: Broadway Saloon

| December 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

Story & Photos by Greg Mattie

12 Broadway Saloon by Greg Mattie

Keeping the tradition alive of having an established saloon on Beaverton’s Broadway, the Broadway Saloon has been around since 1993; the building itself is almost 100 years old! Going back to 1900, when Gus Rossi, tired of failures in farming, opened up his 1900 Saloon, much to the delight of local patrons. The Broadway Saloon continues this tradition into the 21st century. Manager Kim Carpenter wants her customers to know that this is a place to knock back a refreshing pint, enjoy a satisfying meal, and chum it up with some great Beaverton folk.

Kitchen Manager Matt Farag assured me that I would enjoy the three offerings for this month 3 Dishes Review. Was he right?

12 Broadway Wings at Broadway Saloon by Greg MattieDish 1:Broadway Wings, Nitro-style/$8.50

Hmmm…why are they called ‘Nitro’? I know, because they are blazing hot, but in good way. Your mouth will burn but you will still feel the zesty flavors. The details of the sauce is top secret; I couldn’t get the cook to divulge the tasty details (a little birdy did tell me that habanero and Serrano chilies, as well as a splash of Frank’s Red Hot do contribute to the sauce). What’s not a secret is the perfectly cooked wings, full of meat and heat and served with a side of the best bleu cheese dressing in town – in my humble opinion – courtesy of Bleu Diamond. Locally operated and produced out of Hillsboro (, this dressing is a favorite at the Beaverton Farmers Market and now I know why. Quintessential bar fare at its finest. I cooled my hot mouth with a tasty stout and moved on to my next meal…

12 Half Ton Cheeseburger at Broadway Saloon by Greg MattieDish 2: Half-ton Cheeseburger/$7.95

A traditional 1/3 lb. cheeseburger, served with all the fixings and given a choice of fries or tots. The burger was juicy, the veggies fresh and the bun nice and soft. A solid burger, I must say. The simplicity of a well-made burger just makes me happy. With the fries/tots, you get a side of their homemade fry sauce, a concoction of yet another secret sauce, with a kick of horseradish. This sauce certainly was made for dipping and that is exactly what I did!


12 NY Steak at Broadway Saloon by Greg MattieDish 3: NY Steak/$15.75

The steaks come from Ponderosa Meat Market (, another Beaverton establishment, focusing on high quality cuts of meats (and other fine offerings). You get a choice of starch, sautéed veggies, garlic bread and a choice of soup or salad (they’re not reinventing the wheel here but they are making sure that wheel is spinnin’). The steak was beautifully primed, had nice sear marks and came medium rare. You can buy quality meat but you still need to cook it right! On this day, I had sautéed string beans with crumbled bacon, prepared al-dente. This was a nice way to end my 3 Dish run…or was it?

12 No Bake Cheesecake  at Broadway Saloon by Greg MattieBONUS!! I was treated to a delectable serving of no-bake cheesecake, drizzled with a fresh strawberry compote. It was light, creamy and not a single bite was left on the plate





In my last two ‘3Dishes’ visits, I have had the opportunity to visit two decidingly different bars, located next to one another. What is not different between these two eateries is the focus on providing a great atmosphere and giving their patrons more than the typical, bland bar food people have come to expect from other institutions. My compliments to the hard-working crew at Broadway Saloon!

These were my 3 dishes, which ones will you try?

As a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Program in Culinary Studies, I enjoy experiencing the fine dining available at so many of our local eating establishments. Beaverton has such diversity to offer the curious palate that it’s hard to know where to begin. Well, now you can start your month off right here with me and my 3 Dishes Review. Greg may be contacted at:

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