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3 Dishes Neighborhood Restaurant Review: Hall Street Grill

| September 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

10 Hall Street Grill on Hall Blvd by Greg MattieLisa Notaras, Hall Street Grill’s General Manager since 2010, takes pride in ensuring the long-term success of this restaurant. She talked about seeing multiple generations of patrons eat within the walls which is a testament to the restaurant’s longevity, a mainstay in the Beaverton community since 1977.

To keep this goal intact, she brought along Travis Dickinson, who worked his way up the culinary ladder at HSG, and is now Executive Chef. While I was there, Chef Travis mentioned how he strives to provide a mix of modern creations in addition to the traditional menu items. Wild Boar Scrapple, the 20 Hour Bavette Steak and Charred Octopus are just 3 examples of his non-traditional fearlessness!

Before the end of my visit, Travis showed me his herb and vegetable garden in the back of the restaurant, adjacent to the patio. Reminiscent of something you would see in a provincial eatery in Europe, this garden (and the use of local growers like Millennium Farms & Draper Valley) speaks volumes to Hall Street Grill’s dedication to sourcing fresh and local edibles.

These were the three dishes Travis prepared for me:

10 Charred Octopus by Greg MattieDish 1

Charred Octopus ($12.95 )

Typically, when you eat octopus, there is an expectation that it is going to be a bit rubbery. Prepared with tomato, olive, chorizo, saffron potatoes, added balsamic and chili oil, the texture of the octopus is simply remarkable. It is so tender… to the point where you can actually cut it with a fork! The daring pairings of flavor this dish provides is the chorizo with the octopus. It has this ‘Latin’ feel about it, with the infusion of the chili oil and saffron but I keep going back to that wonderful octopus; it was the most tender octopus I had ever tasted. To the hesitant seafood connoisseur, please do not overlook giving this octopus delicacy a try.

10 Oregon Albacore by Greg MattieDish 2

Oregon Albacore ($28.95)

Pan seared rare with summer vegetable capponata, baba ganoush, fingerling potatoes, saffron aioli and opal basil, the Oregon Albacore is a locally inspired, seasonal offering (which means don’t wait too long to order this one). The tuna is paprika rubbed, perfectly seared with a hint of heat. The baba ganouch and saffron aioli offers a creamy balance to the bold albacore notes. The fingerlings add to the heartiness of the meal.

10 Bacon Poached Pork Loin by Greg MattieDish 3

Bacon Poached Pork Loin ($28.95)

Two excellent seafood meals to start off my foodie journey here; now for something a bit bolder. The pork loin, in my opinion, is my favorite part of the pig because it can absorb whichever flavors that you want to infuse into the meat. When prepared correctly, it is tender and juicy (when overcooked, it will bring a tear to my eye). Chef Travis had fun with this one. The potatoes are prepared like a warm potato salad. The peaches are soft and sweet and the ricotta salata gives a crunchy snap to the meal. It is savory, sweet and just plain delicious.


This was a fun visit. Not only is the food remarkably splendid, the service is just as delightful. Every member of the Hall Street Grill staff performed like a well-oiled machine. There were people zooming this way and that way; everyone knowing their specific role.

What I take away from visiting this eatery is that you have the perception of a fine dining atmosphere, but without the stuffiness. There is a reason why the Hall Street Grill has been around for nearly forty years. And as long as they continue to prepare dishes like I got to try on this particular day, they will be around for 40 more.

Lisa and Travis, thank you for taking such great care of me!

By Greg Mattie

As a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu Program in Culinary Studies, I enjoy experiencing the fine dining available at so many of our local eating establishments. Beaverton has such diversity to offer the curious palate that it’s hard to know where to begin. Well, now you can start your month off right here with me and my 3 Dishes Review. Greg may be contacted at:

10 Chef Travis in his Hall Street Grill Garden by Greg Mattie

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