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3 Dishes Recipe: How to Cook a Perfect Burger

| June 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

Story & Photos By Greg Mattie

This is something I have been wanting to write about for some time. With summer approaching, the barbecue pits will be ‘ablazing’ and the smoky aroma of cooked meat will permeate our noses. However, how many times have you gone to a family picnic, only to be served a burnt hockey puck disguised as a hamburger patty?12 The Perfect Burger by Greg Mattie

Well, no more, I say, as long as you follow these simple steps to a perfect burger.

Step 1. Good quality ground beef. I prefer to get a sirloin ground as well as keeping the fat ratio at 85/15. Going higher makes for a drier patty. Going lower and your patty shrinks too much!

Step 2. Be gentle to your patty! Don’t over work the patty. Gently mold your patty and flatten. You want the meat to be tender.

Step 3. (important step). Press an indentation (divot) in the middle of the pressed patty. Why? As the hamburger cooks, it swells. This ‘dimple’ in the middle of the patty will keep the patty evenly sized as it cooks. It seems like a silly step but it works!

Step 4. Keep the seasoning simple. Only kosher salt and cracked pepper. Season the meat after you have prepared the patties. Also make sure to season both sides of the patties.

Step 5. Leave your patty alone! Once you place the meat on the grill, leave it alone! Don’t press the patty. Don’t repeatedly flip the patty. Allow it to cook and create a nice sear so that the juices do not escape. Depending on thickness, it should take 3-6 minutes on each side for about a medium doneness. If you want to melt cheese, wait until about two minutes before the patty is done, place the cheese on the patty and cover the grill. Once the two minutes pass, the cheese is nicely melted and the burger is done.

Step 6. Good quality bun. The burger is only a part of the whole process. A good bun can perfectly complement your burger. I like a fresh Kaiser bun or ciabatta to go with my burger.

Step 7. Sit back and enjoy! If you follow these steps, every time, you will consistently make an outstanding burger. I will warn you, however, you might begin to get more requests for barbecues at your house!

Bon appetit!

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