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3 Dishes Restaurant Review: Togo’s

| August 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

13-2 Togos on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy

Big. Fresh. Meaty. This is the promise Togo’s makes when you visit their stores. I was looking to see if that promise would be delivered.

A Beaverton native since 1967, Dave Quinn has run Togo’s for 2 years now. The store has recently gone through a nice facelift, giving the location a clean, beach-style look. Togo’s has been around since 1971, starting in San Jose, growing from a small sandwich shack that could only fit four patrons at a time, to a company of over 250 stores in California, Oregon and Arizona, with potential locations to open up in Washington.

Dave has worked hard to maintain the Togo’s integrity while building expanded familiarity within the Beaverton community. Unlike other sandwich shops, where you may get an affordable sandwich, at the expense of quality, Togo’s works hard to deliver both quality and quantity. Dave’s store does not have any freezers, therefore, all the food is going to be fresher to the customer. The bread is locally produced by Portland French Bakery.

These were the three dishes I got to try:

13-3 Togos PastramiDish 1: Signature Pastrami (6” Price $6.75 )

For starters, Togo’s sandwiches come with your choice of condiment, lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles, pepperoncini, salt and pepper. The pastrami is one of Togo’s top sellers. They slice their pastrami every morning to ensure freshness. My sandwich was on classic white and the first thing I notice is how much meat is stuffed into this meal. The pastrami is thinly sliced and full of flavor. I mentioned to Dave about having a pastrami sandwich at a ‘competing’ store and observing about how gristly it was. Togo’s did not disappoint.



13-4 Togos TurkeyAvacadoDish 2: Turkey & Avocado (6” Price $6.25)

Another big seller, the kicker is the avocados that are mashed each day for maximum freshness. I appreciate the quality of a good avocado and for this sandwich, which was prepared on parmesan bread, the avocado was smooth and creamy, pairing perfectly with the tender turkey. Like the first sandwich, I had it prepared with all of the fixings. I felt that the onions added a nice bite to this creation.




13-5 Togos Santa Fe WrapDish 3: Santa Fe Chicken Wrap (Price $7.25)

This was a nice change of direction for my taste buds. This selection comes with chicken, corn salsa, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, chili-lime tortilla chips and a spring mix…all wrapped into a spinach wrap. It is crisp, zingy, and refreshing. The chicken is juicy and the rest of the toppings are nicely portioned so that the wrap does not become a mess to eat. Definitely a nice alternative to having a sandwich.




Togo’s works hard to ensure consistency in all of their stores. Dave has made sure to keep that promise to his customers through great service, a clean store, and expanded business through local delivery and catering. The next time you are craving a good sandwich, drive over to 9920 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway, say ‘hi’ to Dave, and leave with a full, satisfied stomach.

13-1 Owner Dave Quinn at Togos Counter

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