7 Sentence Scary Story: Contest Winner – Three Down, Two to Go

by Christopher Xanthos, Grade 629-middle-school-first-place-winner-christopher-xanthos

Once, there was a little girl shopping with her mom to look for toys when the girl saw one doll that she really wanted.

It had a pink dress and it held up two fingers on its right hand as if it was making a peace sign.

As they were buying it along with a couple of groceries, the cashier told them one thing – “Never play with this doll.”

For some reason, the girl did as he said and did not play with the doll for days, weeks and even months.

Finally, one night she couldn’t resist picking it up to play with it.

Later that night, the girl’s parents heard a loud scream coming from her bedroom.

When they came over to see what had happened, all they found in the room was the doll sitting on the girl’s bed holding up three fingers.

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