With our unique layout, colorful design and community content, our readers are beyond loyal. Not only do they want to know “what’s happening this month in Beaverton” but they also agree with our philosophy of Shop Local – Give Local – Stay Local. As a business in the Beaverton area, your ad will be seen by those who are most willing to go out of their way to keep their dollars close to home. These shoppers, your potential new customers, also happen to be our best readers! In addition, we don’t print massive quantities and mail them out to uninterested parties. Our papers are located in convenient and high traffic locations ready to be picked up by those who shop local. With low rates, targeted distribution, high readership (+/- 85%) and a willingness to provide more value than what you pay for, you’ll find that we’re just as interested in stretching your advertising dollar as you are!


Monthly Listings

Listings are monthly, no contract. Font, point size and color cannot be changed. 1st line is always bold. No italics or underlines.
Basic Listing: $15 for 3 lines (1st line bolded)
Customize: $3/additional line, $20/logo or photo.
Standard Listing: $40 for 5 lines + logo


For more information or other advertising options, download our Media Kit, Contact Us or call Cedar House Media at 503-641-3320.


Download our Media Kit