Ask the Beaverton Car Guy: June Vehicle Maintenance

By Larry “The Car Guy“ Ferguson



Hello Beaverton Readers!

June is a great time to get your vehicle serviced and make sure all systems are in working order for the summer months. This is also a perfect time to get your vehicle cleaned up on the interior, as well as the exterior.

Wash Away Winter Sludge

Salt and de-icers used on roads to melt ice and snow, can cause serious damage to cars, especially their undercarriages where metal can rust. If you’ve taken your vehicle up to the mountains to ski, your car has likely picked up these corrosive chemicals. Take your car to a highly rated car wash to get rid of salt and other chemicals, and check to make sure the car wash has sprayers that clean the undercarriage. Even if you haven’t been in ice and snow, spring is a great time to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning.

Check Your Vehicle’s Alignment and Suspension

Did you know that merely driving over potholes can damage your car’s alignment and suspension? You might have a problem if you notice the steering wheel vibrates or the car pulls. An alignment check typically costs $25 to $40 and is easy to perform. Even if you don’t notice any visible symptoms, spring is a good time to get your alignment and suspension checked.

Change Oil and Check All Fluids

If your last oil change was before winter, this is a good time to change it again. We recommend changing your car’s oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

It’s also a good time to flush your transmission fluid. This is one of the most neglected maintenance tasks and it’s one with a costly repair (between $2,000-$4,500) if dirty fluid damages your transmission. Don’t forget to check window washing fluid levels, as well as your brake and cooling system fluids.

Rotate Tires and Check Air Pressure

We recommend tire rotation every 5,000 miles to keep tread wear even. Your car’s tires affect the ride, handling, traction and safety. Often front tires wear out prematurely which can lead to handling issues. Rotation and keeping proper air pressure in your tires will lengthen their life and give you a smoother safer ride.

Inspect brakes

It’s critical that your brakes function properly. Spring is a good time to have the pads and rotors checked. Once again, neglecting this simple task can lead to more expensive repairs later on.

Beaverton Readers: if you have a question or need automotive advice please contact me because chances are good that I just may have the answer and if not, then I’ll help you find it.

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