Ask The Beaverton Car Guy: What is a Vehicle Broker and Why Would I Want to Use One?

By Larry “The Car Guy“ Ferguson13 buy car guy

Thank You to all of our Beaverton residents who have reached out for my services as a Licensed Auto Broker. I have enjoyed helping all of you buy, sell and lease.

Quite a number of my clients have asked me to write about exactly how a broker can save people a lot of time, money and hassle. So in this month’s article I decided to explain the benefits of using an auto broker.

New cars: This is the most popular assignment for auto brokers to take. A Broker saves the client $ by using his relationship with dealers. In other words, as a licensed dealer, we too are able to know the cost of the vehicle, cut to the chase, and as far as getting to the bottom line price, we can do it right away instead of spending hours at a Dealership. Even after adding in our brokering fee, the client still saves a bundle in time, money and headache. The elimination of negotiating and getting the straight scoop in mere minutes is almost as valuable as the money we save the customer.

Another great advantage of using a brokering service for new cars is that we can usually get you the specific color, upholstery and factory-installed features you want on any model you like. Dealerships often charge extra for these services or if they don’t have it in stock, make excuses on availability to discourage the customer from looking elsewhere.

Used cars: Used car brokering is less known than new car buying services, but it can be even more useful. The dealer margin on used car pricing tends to be wider than new car pricing, which leaves more room for a good used car broker to find you an amazing deal. Another advantage is that used car brokers often charge only a percentage of the amount they save you on the deal. That means they work hard to get the best price possible. Both you and the broker profit from an amazing deal.

Car leases: Leasing is more confusing than buying for many shoppers. The vague terms and tiny details of the leasing contract include hundreds of opportunities for you to spend more than necessary. Many auto broker companies offer leasing services for a flat fee to help you feel confident that you are getting the best price possible on your new car lease. Some leasing agents receive kickbacks from the dealership. This may cause a conflict of interest in the negotiation process, so you may want to find an agent who receives compensation directly from the clients, not from the dealership.

Beaverton Readers: if you have a question or need automotive advice please contact me because chances are good that I just may have the answer. If not, then I’ll help you find it.

About the Car Guy: Larry’s specialty is locating cars, even hard to find cars, for everyday folk. He has been in the automotive industry for over 35 years and has several degrees in automotive technology. Email him at or call 503-930-1493