Beaverton City Council Candidate: Let’s keep getting better together!

Hello, Beaverton neighbors. 

I am running for another term as your City Councilor.

Beaverton is a lively, active city.  I love our great neighborhoods, schools, and parks, and our fabulous diversity of people and cultures. I want to keep focusing our civic work on the people who make up our wonderful and varied community.

I’ve worked to ensure that the city invests in affordable housing, and in a wide range of housing for all incomes.

I’ve worked to provide thousands of Beaverton residents with lower water rates – coming soon!

I’ve worked to help Beaverton support a broad range of entrepreneurial businesses – including women- and minority-owned.

I’ve offered strong advocacy for smart transportation options that improve the city for pedestrians, while we work hard to address congestion.

I’ve advocated for and supported Beaverton’s lodging tax expansion to help fund the Center for the Arts.

I have worked to engage our immigrants in civic life, including celebrations of our different cultures – the International Celebration, the Night Markets, Welcoming Week, and much more. I’m proud that Beaverton is a strong Welcoming City.

I offer experience and leadership from professional life and work on the City Council. I pay attention to the details, but I also look for the big picture, to keep our focus on the major opportunities that will keep us on a path of continuous improvement.

If Beaverton isn’t yet the greatest place in the USA, it isn’t for lack of trying or aspiring.  Let’s keep getting better together!