Beaverton Education Foundation Provides Cornerstone Support

By BEF Staff11 Kids with Mayor

Founded in 1988, the Beaverton Education Foundation (BEF) believes that the connections between our community and classrooms, can assist and provide all Beaverton public students’ access to the people, tools and experiences that can expand the depth and relevance of their academic journey. For twenty-eight years our donors have helped BEF invest over $2.9 million in grants for 1,200 programs and projects that would not have existed without community support.

How does BEF do this? BEF strives to ensure that every dollar given is used as effectively as possible to support innovative teaching, hands-on learning, and inspiring education for the 41,000 students in the Beaverton School District. During the 2015-16 school year over 40 classroom projects, 10 after school programs, 7 summer school programs and 35 high school student activity groups were supported. An estimated 20,000 students – nearly half of the district students served via BEF programs.

This support is driven by a cornerstone approach. In 2015-16, Beaverton’s Choice, the Hub that brings community and classroom together was launched & over 40+ projects were funded in its initial year. Think of this as a crowd-funding source for programs and projects specifically for Beaverton students. This Hub matches time, resources and/or money with specific projects throughout our Beaverton schools and classrooms. Beaverton’s Choice provides ample opportunities at all levels and can be viewed at

On another corner is the Safe and Sound 4 Student Success (S4) program. This program continues to offer after school academic support combined with athletics for our middle school’s most at-risk students. An estimated 800 students at seven traditional middles schools, and one option school participated last year. S4 provides quantifiable change in both behavior marks and academic performance.

Camp Achieve provides another cornerstone opportunity that mitigates the “summer slide” at the elementary level. Developed as a fun and interactive summer school program, Camp Achieve is offered at six traditional sites and one developmental site, serving close to 800 students this past summer. BEF has a goal of to be at 15 sites by summer 2019.

Tying together efforts of school – work – and community support, the annual BEF Phone-a-thon brings together 35 teams of high school students raising community awareness and funds for the Foundation along with gaining work, team and community service experiences. This year will be the 18th year of the phone-a-thon, hosted at our friends at Ruby Receptionists. When your phone rings in October, “Answer the Call”, and remember the good that is happening in our community.

Together with community support and driven by inspiration, innovation and gratitude, BEF continues to partner by filling in the gaps, incubate a promising idea, optimizing an opportunity, serving all schools with hands on learning, and connecting the community and classroom.

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