Beaverton Farmer’s Market

Vendor Spotlights: Dovetail Coffee27 1 Dovetail coffee 1

Many among us have humble beginnings. Great products start with simple ideas and big dreams. Dovetail Coffee Roasters humble beginnings can be traced to a community coffee house in Aloha, Oregon called The Coffee Brake, founded by Ron Davis in 1993. In 2008 Cathy, a long-time customer stepped in and worked tirelessly to bring a renewed sense of community to the neighborhood through the café by creating a gathering place where people could connect over great coffee. Cathy developed partnerships and supported fundraisers from groups as local as the Aloha High School Band and as diverse as TransActive Education and Advocacy.

Along the way her passion for coffee roasting was ignited and she began to realize the potential that a relationship based coffee business could have for her life and for the world. Dovetail Coffee Roasters was born in the fall of 2011 after Matt Knight joined the company as an owner and became our lead coffee roaster. In early 2012 the roasting operation moved to its own dedicated roasting facility off Hall Blvd Beaverton not far from the Beaverton Farmers Market.

A product produced with pride stands apart, those who stand apart can change the world.

Vendor Spotlight: Eastside Distilling27 2 Eastside Distilling 2

Making great-tasting, quality spirits is our passion.

Eastside Distilling has been producing high-quality, master-crafted spirits in Southeast Portland’s Distillery Row since 2008. We believe that locally-produced spirits simply taste better, so all of our unique products are made right here in Portland, Oregon from natural ingredients in small batches for unparalleled quality and taste.

Eastside Distilling introduced Below Deck Rums, the first in a series fine and flavored rums in 2009, and has since launched several more award-winning spirits, including Burnside Bourbon and Portland Potato Vodka, and our new Cherry Bomb Whiskey. Eastside also produces small batch and seasonal products like our Holiday Spiced Liqueur and new Peppermint Bark and Egg Nog Liqueurs.

Vendor Spotlight: Unger Farms27 3 Unger Farms straw_hood

Look for us next season!

Unger Farms, Inc. is a family owned and operated berry farm in Cornelius, Oregon bringing the freshest, best quality berries to our community since 1984. You can find us at many local farmers’ markets in the Portland metro area as well as in New Seasons Markets and at select roadside stands when the berry season allows.

At Unger Farms it is important to us to bring our community the healthiest, safest produce. We are a sustainable farm which means we protect the land and environment around us through our farming practices to ensure future generations the same opportunity to farm. We also follow the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guidelines to allow for sage production and consumption of our produce for you and your family.

Vendor Spotlight: ProFarm Produce27 4 Profarm photo

ProFarm Produce is a wholesale fruit and produce company that was founded by two brothers, Ryan and Shane Stonemetz, in the summer of 2008. Ryan and Shane are fourth generation farmers that had no desire of taking over the family business. They grew up watching their father and grandfather work hard every minute of everyday just to stress and wonder if the fruit warehouses controlling the market would pay enough to not only cover the expenses for the previous year, but also enough to provide for their family! So, Ryan and Shane both went to college and graduated in respected fields.

Ryan living in Portland, and Shane living in Seattle, couldn’t believe the markup in prices of fruit from what the farmer got to what it was sold for in the stores. They were distraught knowing that their family puts in all the hard work, the expenses, the stress and pressure of growing high-quality fruit just to be underpaid and unappreciated by the “middle-man” and retailers! This is when ProFarm Produce was born.

Ryan and Shane left everything they had going for them, bought a little 12-foot reefer truck and loaded it up with organic cherries. They took off to Portland, OR with no wholesale clients, but had a goal and were determined to succeed. They knew if they can just get the consumer to try their product and see the price, they’d be hooked. They joined a few local farmers markets in Portland, OR. The response they got from customers on the quality of their fruit and the prices they sold them at, Ryan and Shane knew they were on to something. Gradually they picked up a few wholesale clients that then referred other clients and ProFarm Produce began to grow!

Now, Ryan and Shane have bigger trucks, 20 farmers markets in the Portland area, more wholesale clients, and expanding to the Seattle market. They started with a dream and goal of cutting out the middle man and being a direct wholesaler to the retailer and consumer. They knew that not only would the fruit be fresher, but they would have the capability of selling their product at a MUCH lower cost. Thus far, we’re on our way to reaching our goals, and we’ve become a dream come true for our customers.

Vendor Spotlight: Sterling Catering and Cookies27 5 sterling cookies 3

Look for us next season!

Sterling Catering and Cookies is a local, sustainable, organic catering and cookie company in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Chef Joe Sterling, the company’s philosophy in the kitchen is simple and effective – find the best ingredients sourced locally first, organic if possible and minimally processed. Sterling’s catering and cookies are made in the kitchens of Portland’s culinary incubator, KitchenCru, with the help of a skilled team including Executive Chef Chad Brown and Pastry Chef Wendy Rodgers. Sterling Cookies are can be found in Downtown Portland at Sterling Café located in Vestas building and the Bowery Bagels shop, and are available by delivery throughout the city with Portland Pedal Power. The catering arm of Sterling creates custom menus for events all kinds, from cocktail party hors d’oeuvres, to business meeting buffets, to multicourse dinner parties.