Beaverton Farmers Market Vendor Spotlight: The Original Shrub

What is a Shrub?26-pinapple-shrub

Fruit and vinegar have been paired together as a refreshing drink in many cultures.   In Colonial times, vinegar was used to preserve fruits during peak ripeness to sustain into the off-season.  After the fruit was consumed, the remaining vinegar was subtly sweetened with sugar or honey to create a unique elixir for sparkling water or cocktails.  The balanced flavors of tart, tangy, sour and sweet awaken the taste buds and provides a refreshing bright component to any beverage.

Why Our Shrub?

We are honoring the past traditions while bringing new twists to the shrub.   We select sustainable and/or locally sourced produce during its peak season, hand-crafting in small batches.

Not sure where to start your shrub experience?  We recommend 1 oz.  of The Original Shrub – Pineapple with 8 oz. of cold sparkling or still water for a start, add more shrub concentrate to build the flavor.  This is a healthy alternative to soda; less refined sugars, less calories and the various health benefits of drinking vinegar.

All of our small-batch shrub concentrates pair well with vodka, gin, rum and champagne.  Beyond cocktails, our shrubs may be used as a gastrique in cooking, on plain yogurt, and in salad dressings or sauces.  – There are endless possibilities!

Herbal shrubs – we have twisted the shrub a bit further by using herbs and spices.  Be sure to check back for new flavors.

Remember when using these concentrates there is no “one” recipe.   Some days you’ll like a stronger herb or fruit flavor than others, add a small amount and taste – keep adding till you find the perfect balance of sweet/tart satisfying tonic!

Checkout our favorite ways to enjoy shrub!