Beaverton Police Department: Law Enforcement’s Take on the Month of July

By Police Staff19 Car Seat Clinic

Other than the 4th of July, the month is full of official and unofficial dates of interest. We took just a few of those illustrious days of recognition and tried to put a law enforcement spin on them.

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

The intent was certainly to go beyond the texting/talking while driving statute (811.507) and was probably intended to keep users mindful of people around them and potentially dangerous situations inherent with cell phone use. We, however, will focus on the legal aspects related to driving and cell phone use.

“A person commits the offense of operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile communication device if the person, while operating a motor vehicle on a highway, uses a mobile communication device”. There are a handful of exceptions to the rule the most basic of which is using a hands free device if you are 18 years of age or older. The remaining exceptions apply to emergency use and occupations but affect relatively few people or circumstances.

July 31st is “Mutts Day”.

It is meant to salute those family dogs who are not pure breeds but still bring much respect, love, joy and companionship to households worldwide. It is also a good reminder (middle of the summer) to not leave pets unattended in a parked car for very long. It’s not only dangerous to the animal’s health it could be against the law. According to Professor Jan Null from San Francisco State University, at 70 degrees on a sunny day, after a half hour, the temperature inside a car is 104 degrees. After an hour it is 113 degrees. Those who leave animals in the car under such conditions may be in violation of Washington County Code 6.04.295 or potentially Animal Abuse in the second degree (167.315) which is a Class B misdemeanor.

July 2nd is “I forget day”.

Just so we are clear on this issue; it is not an affirmative defense that you didn’t know or had forgotten that a certain action you took was a violation or crime. Nice try though.

On a more serious note,

July and August are big months for family trips in the car. If you have young ones who are still in some type of safety seat please take advantage of the Beaverton Police Car Seat Clinics coming up this month and twice in August. The vast majority of drivers do not know how to install safety seats properly or by industry standards so this affords you an opportunity to have experts do it for you for free.

Sessions are from 9am to noon with the last car being accepted at 11:30A unless demand dictates an earlier cut-off.

  • July 15th at the Kuni Auto Center located at 3725 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
  • August 5th at the Beaverton Police Department 4755 SW Griffith Dr.
  • August 19th back at Kuni Auto Center.