Beaverton Police Department: Public Safety Building Proposal Offered to Voters

By Police Staff17 Beaverton Resource Center to become new police station 2016

In November, Beaverton voters will have the opportunity to vote on a measure for a new public safety center. The facility will be earthquake-resilient and will house the city’s police and emergency services. If approved, the 90,000 square foot facility will be constructed on city-owned property at the corner of SW Hall Blvd and SW Allen Blvd.

Since the 1980s, the Beaverton Police Department has shared space with other city services in an office building not designed for emergency-service providers. Safety and privacy concerns for crime victims and juveniles have made it a city priority to construct a new public safety center. The current site of the police department also is in a floodplain and located in a building that is expected to fail in the event of an earthquake.

The new public safety center will be built to critical-facility standards to ensure the city’s emergency response functions are intact in case of natural and other disasters. For the first time in many years, all police and emergency services will be under one roof, and the facility is expected to meet residents’ needs for the next 30 years.

The measure calls for the new public safety building to be constructed at the current site of the Beaverton Activities Center (BAC). The BAC is home to the Beaverton Police Activities League (PAL) and several other users. If construction is approved, the city will assist those currently using the building to locate new spaces for their activities. This site was chosen because it is centrally located, accessible by public transportation, large enough, not within a floodplain, and already city owned.

The public safety center is projected to cost $35 million. The tax rate for the bonds to construct the building is estimated not to exceed 20 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, or approximately $50 per year for property with an assessed value of $250,000. The rate will replace what tax payers are currently paying for voter-approved bonds set to retire in two years that were used to construct the Beaverton City Library.

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