Beaverton Real Estate: First Impression Matters! When it comes to Selling your home…

By Reese Policar05 living staging

Even in today’s hot real estate market and low inventory, when you put your house on the market you will need to make sure it is as close to a ‘10’ as you can. Here is one solution for getting your house ready: Staging. On average, staging a home prior to listing, will net a Seller more money, and sell in a shorter amount of time.

We were recently interviewed by a seller who has been trying to sell her home for nearly four months, and no offer! This Seller did not know what to do next. We did a pre-listing market analysis and realized the seller’s pricing was not far from where it needed to be.

After previewing her home, we saw that her home was vacant. Some walls needed painting. Some light-yard work required attention, but most of all, her home felt a bit cold, empty and uninviting. We immediately suggested staging the home to give it a warmer feel. We know most Buyers make a decision about the home within just a few minutes of walking in. You want the Buyer to make an immediate, emotional connection with your home.

Staging was a big success!

Seller received a full-priced offer within a few hours of listing her home!

About Reese: I have been selling residential real estate for 15 years in Beaverton and Portland. I have three kids that I enjoy spending times with in the outdoors.

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