Beaverton Super Kids: Meet Super Student Ella

Ella is a 5 year old Kindergartner at St. Cecilia and she is a super student because she is working one year above grade level in both math and reading. At only 5 years old, Ella is demonstrating how a solid foundation at an early age can start students on the right track to success.

According to her mom, Ella is a busy kiddo and jumps quickly from one activity to the next. Her Kumon routine has taught her the benefits of focusing on one thing at a time. In a world where so many things happen on-demand and the next big thing is right around the corner, we are challenged as parents to explain why investments in time, routine and repetition are important.

We believe that experiencing these benefits at an early age will help our children develop a sense of grit, attitude of persistence, and ability to solve problems independently as they grow.

In Ella’s day-to-day, foundational reading skills have unlocked a new level of excitement in ordinary experiences like driving through town, shopping for groceries. Her confidence in reading and math has made the transition to elementary school very smooth, and she loves being a leader in the classroom, helping bring her fellow students along the learning journey.”