Beaverton Teen Talk: Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide

By Tyannah Mims (Grade 9)21 Teen Talk by Peter Mora Stevens

Okay let’s talk about something important. I know this might be a really tough topic to talk about, but it’s something that people need to have on their minds. When it’s not on our minds, then we are not talking about it and that’s when we have a big problem. What am I talking about?

Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide.

A lot of teens, adults, and even kids are going through these things. Maybe only one of these things. Maybe two. Or they could have all three.

They are all different and could happen because of a variety of causes. But they are related, because they connect.

I know. My own experience with depression, anxiety, and suicide has not been fun. Sadly, I am still dealing with these things, but I’m getting help with it. It’s hard to go to school and not breakdown and cry (it’s happened before). I hate having to pretend like I’m fine and put on a fake smile every day because of my depression. Sometimes I have even felt like hurting myself.

And that is why I feel that it is so important for parents to talk with their kids about these things. Children need to know that they are safe to talk about what they are experiencing. A child might be scared to tell parents about feelings of depression, anxiety, and suicide because the kid doesn’t want their parent to get sad. Or maybe even get mad. Sometimes parents ignore the problem completely and say things like, “You’re just overreacting.”

I am lucky that my parents listened to me. I also have my friends that are helping me, because they are dealing with the same things that I’m dealing with.

If you are dealing with these things, please tell someone about it. They may be sad but they will want to help you. Talk to your parents, a friend, or even a teacher.

If you have been thinking about hurting yourself or have hurt yourself please listen to me.

Life is worth living.

You might not think that this is true, but know that someone loves you, even if you don’t feel like it. I love you. I don’t want you to hurt yourself even if I don’t know you. Please, please don’t hurt yourself and go and find some help. I’ve listed some helpful numbers below.

Thanks for listening.


  • Suicide Hotline- 1-800-273-8255
  • Depression Hotline- 800-999-9999
  • Crisis Help Line- 800-233-4357
  • Parental Stress Hotline- 800-632-8188
  • Runaway Hotline- 800-231-6946
  • Sexual Assault Hotline- 800-223-5001
  • National Hopeline Network Hotline For Grief And Loss- 800-442-4673
  • Transgender Lifeline- 877-565-8860

Tyannah is fourteen years old and goes to Health and Science School in Beaverton, OR. She wants to become a famous singer and actress. Photo by Peter Mora-Stevens. Peter is a 9th grader at HSMS and wants to go to the Portland Art Institute to pursue photography.