Beaverton Teen Talk: The Blossoming of Generation Z

By Jordan Hart (Grade 8)23 Peter Gen X Photo

Since the beginning of recorded history the word “generation” has divided people into classes of age. Although some are revered as wise and powerful such as generation X, millennials and post-millennials, or gen. Z, are in my opinion frowned upon by modern day society. They are deemed lazy and irresponsible. However, who’s to say that we can’t prove them wrong?

I am 14 with aspirations. Just 14 and I already know the citizen I want to be and the place I want to have in this country. There are children and teenagers of generation Z that have a voice they want to bring to the table. Our voices act as a beacon of hope for our society and it’s essential for people to sit down and listen to our views and perspectives.

Since the beginning, generation Z has already made its place in the record books. So far, the teen birthrate is down 40%, there was a 38% drop in teens abusing drugs and alcohol and a 28% drop in teens not graduating high-school on time. Statistics are showing that our generation is more diverse, more accepting, and have a higher IQ allowing us to get into better colleges, allowing people to get higher paying jobs.

An illustrious new society is in the works and it looks as if it is better than ever before. Future leaders and citizens of the country are standing all around us taking in the beautiful world. We can stand hand in hand, fingers gripped tight for the chaos and bring new light into the world.

As our generation blossoms into a gorgeous flower of hope we need to join forces and change the course of human history. With our ingenuity and determination, we will eradicate prejudice, ignite unity, and build upon the bedrock of humanity.

Jordan Hart is an 8th grade student at Health and Science School. She is deciding between Botany and Surgery for her career. She enjoys La Crosse, soccer, and cross country. She also loves school.