Business Spotlight: Digital Creations

By Kelly Ryan10 Digital Creations

We all have a story to tell and to pass onto future generations. Over the years I’ve learned how to take complex messages and simplify with videos, images, graphics and presentations that speak a universal language and make a great impression. As a Mom, Wife, Sister and Daughter, I am committed to preserving memories and messages into digital keepsakes.

I started Digital Creations because I wanted to share my passion with other families. Over time, our media and cherished documents lose their quality and color. My goal is to get those images, videos and hand-me-downs out of the box or out of your phone and into a format that can be easily accessed and passed-on through today’s technology.

I am different from similar services you have seen because I focus on how your media can be preserved, customized and accessible as an end product. It’s not about converting your media and handing it back to you. It’s a personal process to uncover those memories and I take it personally.

My service is 3-part: 1) We convert your media to be digitally available. 2) We restore your media to remove blemishes, dust, scratches, etc. and prepare it for the final stage where we 3) Create a “highlights” video and/or transfer to a modern day album. Pick one or all.

It’s time to unpack those keepsakes and renew those memories so they are not lost forever. I guarantee highly customized, quality service with the personal touches only found in a small business.

For more information, call me at 503-349-4233 or visit