Business Spotlight: Finding the Right Bookkeeper

By Rebecca Rose04 Rebecca Rose photo

Have you ever uttered this complaint?

“I don’t know how and don’t have the time to get my books in order.”

After working in the field of accounting for over 15 years and owning my own practice for 6, I have found this to be one the most common grievances for entrepreneurs. This is caused by the owners’ own lack of time or by bad bookkeeping. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t understand proper accounting practices to be able to effectively vet and check their bookkeepers.

Well, problem solved!

My passion has always been on the people side of the work; thus, I have created a practice that now specializes as a bookkeeping broker between business owners and bookkeepers.

Why is this good news for you as a business owner? I am able to properly vet these bookkeepers, so you can be fully confident in their abilities to do the work – i.e. no expensive messes to cleanup later.

Also, you are busy right?

Do you have time to go through the hiring process to find a good bookkeeper? Probably not. And, you don’t need to. I’ve already done it for you and have multiple pre-vetted bookkeepers ready to go at a drop of a hat.

Now, why don’t you get back to doing what you do best instead of wasting your time and creative energy on finding a good bookkeeper.

Rebecca Rose LLC already has it covered. Just reach out to me at or call 503-758-4124.