Business Spotlight: Independent Living & Living Independently

By The Tiber Group08 Edgewood Downs

Important Elements to an Active Life

Aging is a concept we are all familiar with, more than simply growing old it is the inevitable changes that seem to challenge us the most as we move ahead in life.

One of the most important elements is ensuring that we continue to live the active independent lives that have always defined us. To enjoy time with friends and family, actively pursuing hobbies, while still being a part of the community at large.

Historically seniors have faced the challenge of choosing a life of independence with long-term comfort and security. Often asked to give up the active lifestyle that has continued to define them at every point in their lives.

Today we live in a different world. Independent living communities offer the kind of highly independent, social, and welcoming life that active seniors not only want but also deserve. The ability to continue to live life to the fullest while avoiding the hassles of home.

Holiday Retirement and their communities have come together to offer seniors the sort of active environment that encourage personal growth with the luxury amenities that make life worth living. From chef prepared meals to private luxury apartments.

Holiday Retirement’s communities in the Beaverton area, including Edgewood Downs, offer a lifestyle that many seniors and their families are gladly choosing. These communities not only keep seniors from losing their freedom, they help them put independence back into independent living.

To learn more about independent retirement living, visit or stop by one of our communities for a personal visit and complimentary meal.