Business Spotlight: Light Touch – Deep Healing

By Claire Darling17 Cascadia 2

Revolutionary Wellness Clinic in Downtown Beaverton Provides Effective, Affordable Bodywork: Open Daily with Walk-in Convenience

Cascadia Community Bowen Clinic provides high quality relief from chronic pain and acute injuries, as well as deep relaxation and wellness support at low cost in our group clinic setting. Our passion is to be available for people who need more wellness care than they currently receive. By dropping treatment costs and being open seven days a week, we are making this dream a reality. Using a group treatment model and the technique known as Bowenwork®, we provide healing support for a variety of conditions with great effectiveness and affordability.

Back in 2006, as a self-employed, single mother, Claire Darling found that the only way she could access bodywork was through trades with colleagues. “Insurance options are incredibly limited and I simply didn’t have the extra income for the care I needed. I was lucky to be in the business.” Now, she wants everyone to be that lucky.

A team of Bowen workers opened Cascadia Community Bowen Clinic in July with the goal of making Bowenwork both affordable and convenient. We are open seven days a week 9:00-1:00 and 3:00-7:00 because Bowenwork really works to relieve pain and stress.

Bowenwork is both gentle and deep acting, using very soft moves on precise locations on the body. With Bowen, nothing is imposed or forced; the intention of this work is to encourage your body’s own innate ability to heal. It has no age restrictions and the moves are performed through clothing in a comfortable position for the client.

There is no way to truly describe the effects — you have to try it!

For more information, contact our clinic at (503) 747-4696 or visit We are located at 4755 SW Watson Ave., Suite 200, Beaverton