Business Spotlight: We Welcome You to Turtles Yoga & Wellness

By Kimberly Armstrong01_AERIAL_YOGA_CLH

Come and explore over 18 modalities of yoga under one shell. Our best compliment is having you enjoy your experience here at Turtles. You are surrounded by good company, great people and amazing instructors. We invite you to take a tour of the 4 beautiful studios, heated salt pool, and environment. Definitely sign up for your first class. We suggest the new student special is a great way to introduce yourself to the studio and your practice.

Turtles was created with you in mind! Turtles is you! Every person is a turtle- We only have one shell, one life, one breath, one beat, and one experience at a time. We must remember to be in balance with our internal selves and find harmony in the beauty around us externally by “Escaping to the things you love” and honoring life. As a Turtle we must keep in balance by catering to the essential needs of our being, mind, body and our essence.

We live such busy lives and here at Turtles Yoga & Wellness, we ask you to slow down and detach from the technology, gizmos and gadgets of the world and disconnect in order to connect to your inner core, your breath, all the elements and the signature water print you have within.

We love to see you here, our instructors look forward to helping you in your yoga practice and if you do not have a yoga practice, come in and let’s take this slow and steady, like the Turtle. We look forward to having you explore this one-of-a-kind space and excited to be part of your Turtles Story!

For More information, call us! 4925 SW Griffith Drive, Beaverton, OR, 503-574-4711