Catalyst – The Newsletter: Don’t Go That Route

When life presents you the opportunity to shine, don’t let it slip through your fingers!

When a customer has a question, answer it QUICKLY! No ignoring…no waiting!

If one of your beloved clients, who have chosen to spend their hard earned money with you has a problem…JUMP at the opportunity to fix it. OR…just flat out fix it…quickly!

When answering a customer’s question, don’t “answer” it with by not addressing their problem, or providing zero solutions.

Recently, I ordered some important equipment for my company.  It was for an upcoming event.

The company I order equipment from, is one of 4 companies I choose to spend money with.  The website said I would receive my equipment in 5 business days. NO PROBLEM!  I was one week out from my event.

As we neared the event…no equipment. I called customer service, but alas, no humans were available to speak with. I left a voice mail that was never answered.

I clicked on the EMAIL US tab, and inquired about my equipment. Fed Ex did not have a status report for me, because the equipment was not in the system yet. It had not shipped. I received a generic email 4 days after my event, telling me my equipment will be shipped the next day…5 days after the event, and 7 days past the promised delivery date.

No apologies, no explanations, no personal sign off on the email.

SO, I got my gear, but too late.  I will use it for future events. I am happy with it.

BUT, I am not happy with this company that I have spent $1000’s of dollars with. I am not happy with being ignored. I am not happy with being inconvenienced. I am not happy with the easy answers I never received.

I am more than happy to take my business elsewhere. They lost.  They lost me, they lost future business, they lost any advocating I would have done for them with other business people.



No one likes to be ignored, and no one likes a fake, impersonal answer, that really does not answer your questions or solve your problems.  If you go down this route, you lose!

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 25 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.