Catalyst – The Newsletter: Enjoy your daily struggle

By Spencer Rubin

This month, I am rebooting a past CATALYST, that I feel is appropriate for the times.

I work with a lot of people.  Young Kids, Teens, Adults…and one thing I see a lot of in today’s world…is…IMPATIENCE!

In the fast moving, technological/instant gratification world we live in…people (young & old) I see people unsustainably expect success to happen quickly than it generally does. Sometimes, it takes weeks/months/years to see desired success. But often now, we see more instances of: “If I/We are not successful NOW, I/We quit…or I/We move on”!

In the sports world, I am a HUGE San Francisco 49er Football Fan.  That was easy many years ago!!  Over the last 15 or so years however, there has been more failure than success. But…Win or lose, I love this team…and I don’t complain! I am excited about this season, because they are going into the 2nd year of a new coach and general manager that I believe in…and I love some of the additions in personnel they have made!

I am already seeing other fans, and some sports media asking:  “Will the 49ers compete for a NFC West Championship this season?” My answer to that, is:  IT’S TOO EARLY! While I expect more success than in seasons past, I also expect more struggle. They will be better, but they are not there yet. It will take 1-2 more seasons of growth, learning, smart moves, etc…! I am excited to see the changes, to watch the new and young players. But I am also excited to watch the mistakes, the learning, the adapting…and thus…the growth and success that will follow.

Bottom line is, I am enjoying the struggle! And you, as a business owner or manager should too!  Struggle is not bad. Struggle is how you build. Struggle is how you learn. Struggle is where you get seasoned to accept the bad with the good. I’m not talking about your feet stuck in mud struggle. I am talking about the hard work, the patience, persistence, vision, repetition, willingness to learn, eyes on the future type of struggle.

Back to sports. MANY fans these days expect instant success.  When they don’t get it, they scream, whine, complain, some even cry. Failure is not losing.  Losing games is not losing hope.  Losing, while not enjoyable or desired, is a building block. Accepting reality and every day human happenstances is supposed to be how you embrace and ENJOY life.

Generally speaking, it is unreasonable and unsustainable to win every time. Some are lucky enough to experience tons of consistent success, but they are the rare ones.

Enjoy your daily struggle. Enjoy the struggle of building, maintaining, rebuilding and growing. It’s fun! It builds character, talent, skills…and memories. Struggle is a building block for your foundation. Avoid the mud, but embrace the struggle.

Struggle more! Build…Grow…Learn…Adapt…AND ENJOY EVERY ASPECT OF THE PROCESS WILL YA??

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 25 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.