Catalyst – The Newsletter: Set the Tone for 2018

By Spencer Rubin03-spencer-rubin-portrait

It’s the 1st quarter, and it’s up to you to SET THE TONE for 2018!  For everything!!

Recently, my wife and I each had 2 separate, polar opposite customer service experiences.

My wife needed to buy a few things for one of our 3 kids, and was in a hurry so she popped into a well-known drug/variety store. She walked in, found what she needed, and headed to pay for her items. As she got to the register, the clerk never said a word. Never established any eye contact. The clerk scanned the items, put them in a bag, blurted out the amount my wife needed to pay, and the only other words uttered during that interaction: “Cash or Card?” My wife swiped her card, and as the receipt printed, the clerk tore it off the printer, handed it over as she walked away. No eye contact, no smile, no thank you. UGH!

For me, I had a different experience at a gas station, coincidentally just up the road (one day later). If you know me, you know I have a problem with “service” at gas stations these days (and have even written about it in the past). On this day, I had not even put my car in gear, before the attendant was at my window with a smile and a: “Good afternoon sir, what’ll it be today?”

I did not count, but this guy must have called me sir at least 5 times in a 5-6 minute interaction. As I pulled away, he sent me packing with:  “Have a great day sir!”

My wife and I each chose 2 separate businesses to give our money to…and two different employees SET THE TONE for us in different ways.

Betsy left her experience feeling angry, dissatisfaction, and aggravation.

As I arrived, the tone was set for a satisfying experience, and I left with a smile, feeling great and in a good mood!

Customer service and positive engagement sounds like a simple thing to train on, right?  Maybe you and your company are great at it, but many simply are not. Many just don’t talk about it, train on it, and retrain on it!

It’s the 1st quarter, you get to set the tone with your employees regarding customer engagement and service!

All of you get to choose, and control what kind of experience your customers will have.

How are you going to meet, greet and treat your customers this year??


Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 25 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.