Catalyst – The Newsletter: Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles on failure

By Spencer Rubin03-spencer-rubin-portrait

While it’s still fresh on our minds, lets talk about The Super Bowl!

Not football, but Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

Foles was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles years ago, and after a good rookie year, he was actually traded away to the Los Angeles Rams. You see, the Eagles drafted Carson Wentz as their future quarterback and Foles became expendable. Things really did not work out for Nick Foles in Los Angeles, and he actually contemplated retiring from football. Then the Kansas City Chiefs called, and said why not give us a try. They needed a backup quarterback… and Foles decided to stay in football. After a year, his old team, The Eagles contacted him and told him they needed him. As a backup quarter back. He said yes, and signed a contract.  Good thing he did!

In early December, starting QB Carson Wentz went down with a season ending knee injury. In went Foles, in what became an incredible playoff run…that culminated in a Super Bowl victory… as well as being named the Super Bowl MVP! Foles’ playoff performance is one of the highest rated in NFL History!

What would have happened if Foles would have quit? No Super Bowl… No MVP… no future in professional football. Below is a great post game view of tenacity, and embracing failure… shared with the media from Foles.

Before we get to that, keep in mind… all of this works for everything in life: Work… Career… Sports… Hobbies… Etc…

Don’t Quit, Keep Trying, Embrace Failure, Failure Teaches You More Than Winning, A Sure-Fire Way To Lose In Life… Is To Quit!


“I think the big thing is don’t be afraid to fail,” Foles said. “I think in our society today, Instagram, Twitter, it’s a highlight reel. It’s all the good things. And then when you look at it, when you think like, wow, when you have a rough day, ‘My life’s not as good as that,’ (you think) you’re failing. Failure is a part of life. It’s a part of building character and growing. Without failure, who would you be? I wouldn’t be up here if I hadn’t fallen thousands of times. Made mistakes. We all are human, we all have weaknesses, and I think throughout this, (it’s been important) to be able to share that and be transparent. I know when I listen to people speak and they share their weaknesses, I’m listening. Because (it) resonates.

“So I’m not perfect. I’m not Superman. I might be in the NFL, I might have just won a Super Bowl, but, hey, we still have daily struggles, I still have daily struggles. And that’s where my faith comes in, that’s where my family comes in. I think when you look at a struggle in your life, just know that’s just an opportunity for your character to grow. And that’s just been the message. Simple. If something’s going on in your life and you’re struggling?  Embrace it. Because you’re growing.”

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