Catalyst – The Newsletter: Thank You, What a Surprise!

I received something in the mail the other day, and I barely recognized it.29 thank you card

I had not seen one of these things FOREVER!  I almost thought they only existed in museums.

What I received, I actually have boxes of (2 boxes to be exact).

What I received, in actuality, is ssoo simple, and such a powerful tool…yet it seems to be disappearing.


An actual thank you card.  A paper thank you card, that someone had to physically grab from a drawer, open, sign with an actual pen, stuff into an envelope, stick an actual stamp on it…and drop it in the mail.  I bet it only took them a minute or two.

Such a simple gesture.  In many cases a bygone gesture.  Yet it impacted me greatly!  I smiled!  It was from someone I had done business with…and they were grateful for my business.  They took time out of their busy day to send me a personalized thank you note.  Heck, the card was not even customized to their business. No logo.  No nothing…but I didn’t care.  I FELT LOVED!  What a smart thing for them to do.  They got my attention!

Then I got to thinking:  When was the last time I sent out Actual Thank You Cards?  If this one made me feel good, would mine make others feel the same?  I have thank you cards, and mine even have my company logo on them.  Cost me extra to do that!  Why am I not using them?  It’s not like they are valuable collecting dust.  It’s not like they have collectible meaning & value like my Hot Wheels Collection from when I was a kid.

Now in my defense, I think I am pretty good with E-Thank Yous sent via email and text to my customers.  Fairly regularly.  I’m busy and that is fast.  However, they are not the same.  They tend to blend in with all the other E-Clutter we receive on a daily basis.  But an actual thank you card, with an actual hand written THANK YOU, and an actual signature, in an actual envelope, with an actual stamp.  Now that is old school!  And, it sticks in the mind…and it sends a special message.

I cannot tell you how much equipment I have purchased from one company in particular for my business, with nary a THANKS FOR YOUR $$!  I cannot tell you how many school/church auction donations I have made, with very few THANK YOUS after the fact.  Are they thankful?  Probably.  But not showing it, and perhaps not doing it uniquely is the same thing as not meaning it. 03-spencer-rubin-portrait

Time to dust off my Actual Thank You Cards and show more love to the people who have blessed me with their support, loyalty and business!  More Love, More Care, More Appreciation = More Business!  Too busy?  No you’re not!  Don’t turn your nose up at old school!!  IT’S POWERFUL!!

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 25 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.