Catalyst – The Newsletter: What Ever Happened to Daydreaming?

Man, do our brains work a lot these days.26 Daydreaming

Our minds are always ON!  We seem to be focused on everything these days.

Statistics, analytics… they are available for everything these days, and it is easy to get caught up in the constant digging and thinking with them. Our minds work like crazy to absorb and understand them.

As I write this, the men’s final at Wimbledon is about to start, and they just showed how many aces Roger Federer’s opponent has had in the tournament so far, and exactly on the court where each landed. I remember during this year’s NBA finals, in game 1, when the Cleveland Cavaliers lost for the 1st time in the playoffs (THE 1st TIME!!!) and Labron James had an awful game. All the sports programs on radio and tv (plus internet/social media pages & blogs) talked about what went wrong, is this the end, what happened (constant analysis).

It is everywhere, every minute.  Our brains and minds are never off. To compound this, our amazing technology and social media is always on and available as well, and it too is a source of CONSTANT ON for your mind. It also drives anxiety as well.

Whatever happened to day dreaming? Sitting, relaxing, disconnecting from the world, dreaming, not thinking, taking in nature, thinking about things other than work, etc…? I read an article recently about the death of Day Dreaming. I must admit, I am always on.  Always connected.  My mind is always going. I miss day dreaming.

For business managers and owners, focus is paramount to success. Of course! However, as effective as it is, there is a downside to too much focus.  Yep! Excessive focus tires the focus circuits in your brain, and can exhaust your energy, leading to loss of self-control. This can make you more impulsive, and thus, your decisions can be poorly thought out, and you become less effective!

Truthfully, your brain operates best with some un-focus mixed into your day! Turn off… disconnect… relax… daydream. You will feel better and this will help you develop more creativity, resiliency, and make better decisions.

In an era of extreme technology, connection, analyzation, statistics and always being ON, it seems a bit counter intuitive to TURN OFF. Honestly, shutting off (or down) for a bit during the day, will help you enjoy life more, and how you will be a more effective leader!


It won’t slow you down. It will help you charge forward!

Spencer Rubin is a sales/marketing expert who has spent 25 years in the industry. Spencer has become a passionate advocate for the success of small, local business owners. To sign up for Spencer’s weekly Catalyst Newsletter. Contact 971-732-4745.