Community Message: A new season brings change

By Lead Pastor Chris Canton

During the month of May, the possibility that your phone will give you a 10-day forecast of sunshine grows greater as the days get longer. If you’re like me, when the sun starts breaking through the clouds a bit more, it means a new season is around the corner.

As we anticipate the coming Spring, our eyes are opened to the ways we need to prepare for the changing season. By simply looking outside, you may have already thought through your preparations to fertilize the grass, plant the garden, register the kids for swimming, and of course, fire up that barbecue for the first time in eight months! There is joy in eagerly anticipating the newness around the corner, and it requires action on our part.

Fittingly, as we anticipate the new season and take action, it’s a good time to reflect upon our own lives, and ask of ourselves “what action(s) can I take that can both have a positive impact upon myself and usher in a newness towards others around me?”

Maybe for you that means:

  • Giving a word of encouragement to that neighbor, co-worker or friend who’s hurting.
  • Volunteering for a community organization you care about.
  • Being more present with your family.
  • Practicing forgiveness

We each are capable of having a profound impact upon our community and others around us. Our positive actions can spark something new both within us and around us. As a new season looms around the corner, let’s look forward with anticipation and take action. It makes all the difference!

Chris Canton is the Lead Pastor at Beaverton Church of the Nazarene. For more information about our Church visit us online: