Community Message: Helping good things grow

By Pastor BJ Quimba01 BJ-square-web

There’s the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” It seems that around here, “April showers bring May Showers bring June Showers.” Okay, we may have a bit more rain than sun. But inevitably, the roses outside my window will bloom and my backyard will feel alive again.

I remember the day we went to the local home center and picked the perfect size and color roses. We brought them home and found a spot outside our window where we’d most enjoy them. Each day, we added the right amount of water. Eventually, they bloomed for the first time. Beautiful! Now we look forward to them every year.

Just like those roses, I love helping good things grow. A friend helped remind me of that recently. He encouraged me to write down the good things that I have helped grow over the past few months:

  • In my inner life.
  • In the people I love.
  • In my community.

This exercise helped me find my motivation. I encourage you to do the same thing. Go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back…

After finishing your list, you’ll have a better idea of the growth happening in your life, in others, and in your community – because of your hard work! I hope it is as motivating for you as it was for me. Together, let’s continue growing those good things. Because a city of roses in full bloom is a beautiful thing to behold.

BJ Quimba is a Campus Pastor at Beaverton Christian Church. For more information about our Church visit us online at