Community Message: Valentines for All

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By Bethany Stroup

The holiday of love is quickly approaching and many people in romantic relationships are searching for the perfect venue for their romantic Valentine’s date.

I love Valentine’s day because the more love and kindness we celebrate, the more beauty enters the world. There are many people however without romantic partners who face the marginalizing feeling of this holiday not being “for them.”

As a remedy to this, I recommend looking at a few ancient Greek forms of love to help broaden our approach to the month of February.

Other types of love are:

  • deep friendships,
  • family love,
  • romantic & passionate love
  • and the love we share for all humanity.

This year, if we all take Valentine’s Day as a time to affirm love for our neighbors, our families’, our dear friends and even the strangers on the bus, then perhaps no one will have to forgo the joys of a holiday intended for all.

Bethany Stroup is the Media & Communications Specialist for Good Samaritan Ministries, a faith-based counseling organization with headquarters here in Beaverton.