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Community Souvenirs Come to Beaverton: Looking for local gifts this holiday season? We’ve got them right here!

| December 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

By Michael Wong03 BDC Coffee Mug

Local is good. It’s an Oregon thing and here in Beaverton, we love local too. We visit local stores, listen to local music, hike and play at local parks and support the many wonderful events our city puts on to promote community pride.

So recently, when family visited from out of town, you can image my surprise when I couldn’t find local souvenirs. I looked high and low from local gift shops to Target and New Seasons. Nothing.

Sure there were souvenirs but they were all promoting Portland or Oregon and that’s not us. It’s not local enough for a proud Beaverton resident like myself.

And that’s why I decided to do something about it!

Beaverton, the Best DAM City in Oregon

I thought about the rebranding our city did recently and really like it but while it’s good for the city, it’s not really something that would go on a souvenir. But it got me thinking and using the new brand for inspiration, I came up with a slogan that sums up how I and my neighbors feel about the city we call home: BEAVERTON, THE BEST DAM CITY IN OREGON!

The Beavers of Beaverton

This paper is fortunate to have a talented cartoonist in Ralph Scheeler. His cartoons grace the insides of this paper and help promote the city in a fun, playful way that reaches out to both kids and adults.

The Beavers of Beaverton are a family of beavers who live, play and work in the city. They have a retro 50’s look and personality to them but don’t let their appearance fool you, they are quite up to date on current city issues and will go to great lengths to promote the city.

These adorable characters will appear monthly on these pages but you can take them home in the form

of car stickers, coloring books, cards, bookmarks and more!03 Best Dam City Stickers (green)

Beaverton Souvenirs for Sale

The Beaverton Resource Guide‘s purpose is to promote the positive aspects of our wonderful city but we don’t have a storefront and we are not quite set up to sell products. So if you’d like to see or purchase these souvenirs, please visit these great local partners:

  • Moontalla Gift Shop carries all the gifts we’ve made (503-746-7786). They are located in the parking lot across the street from Beaverton Bakery.
  • Beaverton Pharmacy has many items and they are around the corner from Beaverton Bakery (503-644-2101).
  • Beaverton Florists carries Mugs, Eco Friendly Pens and historic Beaverton postcards (503-644-0129)

If you have questions or would like to sell these gifts at your business or for your group’s fundraiser, call the Beaverton Resource Guide at 503-641-3320. A portion of the proceeds goes to support the Beaverton Historical Society and the Beaverton Library Foundation.

See page 25 of the Beaverton Resource Guide for a complete list of available gifts.


03 Beaverton of Tomorrow (cover)

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