Community Submission: Happy 100th Birthday Barbra!

By Michael Baliton19-barbra-skaggs-turns-100

Born: December 4, 1916 in Medford, OR

Barbra Skaggs was born during the heart of the Great Depression. She lived and enjoyed the simple things in life in the small town of Medford. She remembered having 1 doll to play with and a wooden crate for a dollhouse. An activity she enjoyed doing with friends and family was going out onto an empty field and playing kick the can!

Later on she was married at 22 years old during World War II to Harry Beasily who served on the B17 plane that flew into Germany.

She started working as a secretary for a lawyer a couple years where she gained experience and typing skills for $10/month. After work she remembered going dancing at live band performances with friends. Once she finished college she graduated in the business/bookkeeping field and right away got a job at Summer High school where she taught for 15 years!

Growing up during the Great Depression Barbra learned the importance of saving money and appreciating what you have no matter the condition. Nowadays she said, kids are throwing away money on material things and spending it just because they can.

Barbra was able to travel the world when she got older because she always saved. She visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Alaska, the Mediterranean and more! The one place that stood out to the most was Pompeii because the history, restoration, and story of the buried lands fascinated her. She wants to let the younger generations to know that they need to start saving even if it’s a small amount so they can travel!

After searching different places to live Barbra decided on Creekside Village in Beaverton. She was attracted to the surroundings and the building. There is no traffic and loves looking out at the scenery and she says “everything is so pretty”.

Furthermore she reunited with an old friend Mary Bunsen who used to play Bridge with her before moving to Creekside. They ran into each other at a candy party that was hosted at the retirement home.

Barbra enjoys going on the field trips and meeting lots of new friends!

Barbra didn’t have a car when she was growing up, so her secret to longevity she says walking every day on her free time. Also doing crossword puzzles with Leona Langston which helps with her mind and memory!

To wish Barbra a happy birthday, visit Creekside Village: 503-643-9735, 5450 SW Erickson Avenue