Cover Story: World of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Grows Up

By Nicholas Peterka22 World of Smiles

Dr. Michelle Stafford started World Of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in 2008 in the Cedar Mill neighborhood, and later grew her business, adding a North Portland location in 2015 with partner Dr. Staci Whitman. She has recently recognized that many of her patients are not the little kids they once were, but they still are not quite ready for a “grown-up” dentist. This has led to the decision to expand the original Westside office with a dedicated teen clinic.

Q: When did you recognize the need for a dedicated teen office?

MS: We used to see kids throughout their high school years, but we had to keep lowering the upper age limit so we could still accommodate toddlers and age 1 visits. When we started hinting to teens and parents that it might be time to move on to a general dentist, both the patients and their parents were more than a little reluctant.

Q: Where are you opening this expansion?

MS: There has been an undeveloped space in my building since we opened the original westside office. So World Of Smiles Teen Dentistry will just be right across the hall, making it really easy for families with older and younger kids. Of course, once teens start driving they could actually just bring themselves to their appointments and their younger siblings too. This idea has frightened more than one parent!

Q: What will be different about this office?

MS: Our pediatric offices are really geared towards kids under 12 with baby teeth. Teens don’t really want or need the toys in the waiting area, or pillow pets on their chairs, but they still may not be ready to step up to a full adult dental experience. This office is going to offer another experience that can bridge those two worlds. We’ll still have TVs above every chair, but the movie choices will be more mature. The waiting area will still be engaging, but with activities more suited to middle and high schoolers. We are also working on incentive programs that will encourage patients to give back to the community.

Q: When do you expect to open the new clinic?

MS: We are already scheduling teens for the new space this December!

For more information, visit us at: 11790 SW Barnes Road, Building A, Suite 280, Beaverton, Oregon 97225. (503) 626-9700. Open Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: Open 8-4, Extended Hours Tuesday: Open 9-5, Fridays: Open 8-2