(Dis)abilities + Work + Beaverton = No Problem! Meet Renee McCue, Employed

By The Dirkse CC Team21 BCC for BRG article 06.27

Have you ever thought about the person who assembles the mail you receive? At the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce, 21 year old Renee McCue who experiences autism, quickly and accurately folds, stuffs, seals and labels fliers to be mailed to local businesses. She recently graduated from The Beaverton School District’s Community Transition Program, where she volunteered and gained experience doing custodial, stocking, and clerical tasks. Renee is an incredibly loving person who is adored by many. However, as a result of her autism, she struggles significantly with language and does not always respond verbally when being spoken to. She usually expresses herself through touch and one knows when Renee is happy as she will be singing aloud and repeating phrases from her favorite television shows.

Renee completed a process called Discovery with Employment Specialist Marta Bunse, from Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc. This process included a short community based work assessment with The Beaverton Chamber of Commerce. As a result of her quality work, she was hired! Her Supervisor at the Chamber, Michelle Mason shared “she is a quick worker” but most important to the Chamber is the connection they have made. Michelle now looks forward to Fridays when Renee comes to work. “I want her to be successful and happy” said Michelle; she shows it by the squeeze of a hand, a smile and a song while she diligently works on the mailing with support from her Dirkse CC Job Coach.

The mailer that Renee assembles is the first touch to the business community and is all about creating partnership and an inclusive community. Ms. Mason shared that they hired Renee as “the right person for the job, it’s that simple”. By hiring Renee, the Beaverton Chamber is doing more than just meeting their business need; they are leading by example as a diverse and inclusive employer, making a significant difference in this young woman’s life and in the community they serve.

To learn more about employment opportunities, contact Cindy Bahl at 503-258-7715 (cindy@dirksecc.com).