(Dis)abilities + Work + Beaverton = No Problem! Meet Tim Rose, Employed

By Dirkse CC Team13 Top Golf

What did you do Labor Day of 2016? Ask Tim Rose, from Aloha that question and he will tell you he started his new job in the Maintenance Department at Top Golf in Hillsboro. Tim is a 22 year old with Autism Spectrum Disorder who graduated in June of 2016 from The Beaverton Community Transition Program. There he learned skills through volunteer work experiences which helped prepare him for the opportunity at Top Golf.

While at The BCTP, Tim worked closely with the team at Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc. to help find a suitable job based on his goals, skills and abilities. Dirkse CC is a local agency that assists job seekers who experience disabilities with their career objectives. The team worked to find the right match for Tim and approached Top Golf who was open to giving Tim a fair chance to show what he could do. Lincoln Brewer, Maintenance Supervisor at Top Golf said, “Tim is a positive influence on the team and the Top Golf family, his positive attitude and drive are a motivating factor.”

Top Golf is a new entertainment option in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area located at 5505 NW Huffman Street off Brookwood Parkway in Hillsboro and you don’t have to be a golfer to play at Top Golf. Kids and adults in groups of 6 or more can enjoy the challenge of several addictive, point-scoring golf games played from above a 240 yard outfield with dartboard-like targets on the ground. Food and beverages are also available to complete the entertainment experience. Tim helps keep the facilities in tip-top shape, arriving on his scheduled days at 5:30AM, he does not lack motivation.  Top Golf gave Tim the opportunity to learn and grow in his position, “I like working at Top Golf; it’s fun and they are great people. I say look for the highlights and it’s easy to see them at Top Golf.”

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