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Farmers Market Vendor Spotlight: NOLA Doughnuts

| June 1, 2015 | 0 Comments

At NOLA Doughnuts, doughnuts are our passion. We simply create the best doughnuts in Portland every day. Our dough is made fresh from only the finest ingredients and includes a layering technique commonly used in the 28 NOLA Doughnuts by Robert Herkesproduction of croissants. This technique involves a three-day process that creates a complexity of flavor, a deep richness, and a crisp outer texture. Enjoying a NOLA doughnut is an experience to be savored.

The La’ssant

Our flagship product is the La’ssant. It consists of our laminated dough, which is fried, gently rolled in fine sugar, and topped with high quality glazes and toppings made fresh daily.

La’ssant Fritters

Our fritters are created by slicing the La’ssant dough and mixing it with seasonal fruits, spices, and herbs. They are then fried to a dark golden brown, leading to it’s crunchy texture.

La’ssant Bites

Our Bites are created from the holes when cutting the La’ssants. We then toss these in sugar and spices. Currently we serve our Cinnamon Sugar Bites and Mocha Bites.

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