Farmer’s Market Vendor Spotlight

Vendor Spotlight: Lonely Lane FarmsBFM-logo-SINCE-1988

Lonely Lane Farms Booth Offers New Products and Celebrates 15 Years at the Market

Mike and Patty Kloft of Lonely Lane Farms are third and fifth generation family farmers from Mount Angel, Oregon, near Salem, offering grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb and heritage pork raised sustainably in the Willamette River Valley. You’ll know their booth from the red-and-white checked tablecloths and board listing dozens of specialty items.

“This year we’re bringing a minimum of 75 items to the market each week, including new chicken sausages,” says Mike. What’s his favorite Lonely Lane product? “Right now it’s English bangers. I’m a big fan of bangers and mash. I like to make the onion gravy and the potatoes. The texture and flavor of that sausage is so good—soft, flavorful, simple.” Mike has even cooked up the bangers on a shovel over a fire when camping with the family.

Mike is also loving Lonely Lane’s new double-thick pork chops and double-thick ribeye steaks—both great for grilling.

All of Lonely Lane’s meat is processed at their own packing facility on the farm, which is rare for a family farm; because of this, they are able to offer high-quality meat packing to other small Oregon farmers. Mike and Patty grow the forage that their animals eat, and they also work with a handful of family farms in the Willamette Valley to raise grass-fed and grass-finished lamb, and heritage pork. “Quality and supporting other family farms are incredibly important to us,” says Patty.

What’s next?

Lonely Lane recently bought a bowl chopper that will allow Mike and Patty to offer products like frankfurters and mortadella. The booth is celebrating its fifteenth year at the Beaverton Farmers Market—so stop by and say hello, and connect with them on Facebook and Instagram (@lonelylanefarms)!

Vendor Spotlight: Cocacao

Cocacao started off as an idea in 2010. While on a very restrictive diet, I still wanted to satisfy my sweet tooth. After seeing various recipes for chocolate made with coconut oil, and liking to experiment in the kitchen, I set off to make something healthy that I would like. Fast forward to 2014. Family members who really liked what I made encouraged me to bring some samples to a healthy living class. Was just looking to just get feedback from people but wound up taking over $100 in orders. Realized I was on to something. A short time later got a job offer in the Portland metro area, perfect place to launch Cocacao. Officially opened for business in June of 2016. Response has been great, and we look forward to growing our business in the Beaverton community.

Vendor Spotlight: Columbia River Sourdough

REAL sourdough bread, made with care. We make our REAL sourdough bread using a natural yeast culture, maturing the starters over three days and hand forming the loaves and rounds, unlike commercial breads that are over processed with yeast to produce bread in unnatural time frames. Always check the label. Our bread is made the right way. No Packaged Yeast, No Preservatives.

We are a family owned local wholesale bakery specializing in artisan sourdough breads. We do not yeast our sourdough, but age it over three days using a starter culture. This 3-day fermentation process naturally reduces the gluten content of the bread and provides probiotic benefits. The Glycemic Index of our sourdough is the lowest of all common breads. Our breads can also appeal to those with gluten intolerances, diabetics needs and of course all true sourdough lovers.