Flower Power: Flower secrets revealed, Valentine’s Day hints for next year

By Keith Hill07 Beaverton Florists flowers

Valentine’s Day is a big deal.  Just over 54% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day this year.  Those in love will have spent $2 Billion on flowers according to the National Retail Federation.  Roses are naturally the most popular flower type with 250 million roses produced for this one day.  The average amount spent is $136.57. Did you think the $9.99 roses at the corner gas station gave the right message to your someone special? You better up your game! Here are some industry secrets that will help you next year!

Secret #1:

Did you know that the rose crop is severely cut back in December to allow the rose plants to develop more flowers for Valentine’s Day? That loss in production must be made up in higher prices in the following February, leading to increased production costs in roses.

Secret #2:

Most people know that most of our roses come from South America. But did you know that there are not enough airplanes flying between Miami FL and Columbia and Ecuador to transport all the needed flowers to Miami? Therefore, many airplanes must fly empty from Miami to the flower growing countries which increases their fuel cost by 50%. The increase in cost must be covered by the price of the product in transit, including roses! Who knew the price of aviation fuel would affect the price of my roses for my love?

Secret #3:

Most Flowers from South America are trucked via refer trucks from Miami to their destination, maintaining a constant cold chain for freshness. The limited space on the existing trucks means that more trucks are required to meet the need, more fuel, more drivers, more vehicles. The cost of transporting flowers to Oregon increases by 30% in just the shipment from Miami alone.

Secret #4:

Local florists do not have cold storage, manpower, space, or ability to expand for the volume Valentine’s Day brings.  This year Beaverton Florists hired 28 additional staff to handle the load. Florists must hire, rent, plan and make do with the space, staff, and limits that are not used on February 15th.  These added costs are all part of the reason the price of roses increases on Valentine’s Day.

Secret #5:

Most people send flowers only at special events occasions like Valentine’s Day. If you only send your love flowers once a year the price for saying “I Love You” amortizes to about 32 cents a day! Is that really enough?? Beaverton Florists does NOT think so and we are here to help you make a much better and more meaningful statement to your love!  Call us or visit online.

Secret #6:

Flowers are the only gift that has a 100% appeal to the recipient, proven by a Rutgers University study. Every flower recipient can tell you the date and reason they got flowers. Ask them! OK, so this last one is not unique to Valentine’s Day, it is still reason enough to send flowers more often! Including Valentine’s Day!

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