Food for Thought: Give Yourself A Break!

By Ciara Sullivan, C.Ht, NLP10 kermit-have-a-break-sitting

Do you know the jingle? Some of you may be humming it already based on the title of this article… I know I am! Who’d have thought a candy bar commercial would have a great piece of advice for stress management and overall health?!

Many people are provided breaks and lunch periods throughout their workday, though it’s not uncommon to see these so-called breaks be quickly filled by catching up on personal emails or running a quick errand. Some people even feel so far behind that they’ll work through these breaks or lunches in an effort to get more done.

What if I told you this is actually less efficient? In fact, recent research suggests that perhaps the most efficient schedule would include approximately 20 minutes of rest or mental downtime out of every work hour!

The reason being is that our minds become congested and begin to overload, at which point performance begins to suffer. Taking these breaks to be idle allows the mind to catch up, sort things out, and work at an optimal level once again.

That being said, wouldn’t you love to see your boss or manager’s face if you told them you’d be taking 20 minutes off out of every hour? Odds are they are unlikely to love the idea.

So unless you’re self-employed or have a very understanding boss, make the most of your breaks by doing the least you can!

Ciara Sullivan is a Metamorphosis Mentor who assists people with anxiety relief, stress management and releasing emotional baggage. To learn more, visit or call (503) 985-6650