Food for Thought: Taking Control of Your Health!

By Celia Lambert, PhDfood_for_thought_logo

Our bodies are constantly changing, for better or for worse and therefore should be thought of in constant motion, as a process, always in transformation. This means that you can become healthier in the coming days, weeks and months.

You can begin your transformation tonight!

If you’re not getting a good night sleep try meditating this evening before bed. Empty your mind and put yourself in a restful state. Write down what you can’t forget and then let it go. We have scientific proof that shows within 4 days of meditating, the body produces the enzyme that controls aging and increases it by 40%.

Wake up every day with “intention” you are going to have a great day! You are going to experience a joy filled energetic body, heart and mind. Choose love, peace and harmony, choose empathy and compassion. Position yourself with like minded people

Much of the “health conscious” literature is written about eating from the earth. They advocate fruits and vegetables, cooked and raw. Follow the rainbow, a variety of color gives you a variety of micronutrients which can add to muscle building, energy producing, antioxidant protecting cellular building blocks….add olive oil and fish to your new lifestyle for even more heart health.

Develop healthy habits that include movement. Take advantage of beautiful days and get outside with the fresh air and vitamin D. If you are unable to go outside go to the mall or create your own circuit at home. Which could include, squats, stairs, stretches and sit-ups. The point is to keep moving for 10-20-30 minutes at a time and continue to build on that number.

Be self-regulating, be self-aware and take more control of your health!

Celia Lambert is a speaker, author and intuitive here in Beaverton. Visit