Food for Thought: The Best Morning Beverage

By Celia Lambert, PhDfood_for_thought_logo

Research has long confirmed the importance of breaking your fast by eating first thing in the morning. Overnight your body is working hard to rest and repair and can become dehydrated. Ideally you should be drinking good quality water first thing in the morning, before anything else and also throughout the day. This practice can alleviate headaches, fatigue and sugar cravings which are all symptoms of mild dehydration.

There are beverages that can cause further dehydration, they have caffeine in them, such as, coffee, tea, energy drinks and soda. Alcohol and whey (a by-product of making cheese and is found in milk) are both diuretics which means it depletes your body of fluids.

The body is made up of 60% water it would make sense that water is one of the most essentials components of good health.

One of the more recent trends in water are the alkaline waters. These are waters that have a pH above 8. You may remember from chemistry class, testing the pH value of things, 7 is neutral, anything higher is alkaline anything lower is acidic.

The idea is that drinking alkaline water will then in turn alkaline your body. Why is this important you might ask? Well because the opposite of alkaline is acidic and most bacteria, viruses and yeasts grow best in an acidic body. So you don’t want to create an environment that invites disease.

What causes a body to be acidic? Stress is a major factor, lack of sleep, processed foods and meats. What causes the body to be alkaline? Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Bonus, they also keep the body hydrated.

Celia Lambert, PhD, author, speaker and personal growth coach, works with people who are struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges and PTSD. Helping them create healing, health and happiness in their lives.