Green Washing Synthetic Diamonds Supporting Fair Trade Diamonds

By Kaaren Bedi09 diamant-diamond-hi

In Beaverton we pride ourselves on being responsible stewards of our environment. We recycle our trash and we compost. And we look for companies that do the right things too. So when it comes to making the decision to buy jewelry we want to make sure we are as responsible as possible.

There is no doubt that there is controversy about the complex global businesses that make up the jewelry and gem trade. Ethical and responsible people are working tirelessly to make positive and long lasting change to ensure the wellbeing of the planet and the people involved.

But there are those who also see the controversy as an opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting customers wanting to do the right thing.

There is a lot of ‘greenwashing’ going on- companies are presenting partial truths or unethical stories to pull at your heart and purse strings.

Let’s take lab-grown diamonds – those that market synthetic diamonds claim they are more ethical alternative to natural diamonds. While it is nice to believe that something ‘grown’ in a lab at high heat and pressure has no down side there is more to the story.

Lab grown diamonds concentrates the control of an unimaginable capacity to produce a commodity-control its availability and manipulate its price while concentrating the wealth produced more than ever. Don’t be fooled- Lab grown or cultured diamonds are being marketed and sold to make money. The ecological impact is unclear- it is very resource heavy on the energy side.

Right now nearly ten million people who make their living mining diamonds- many have virtually no other option for productive employment. Those that market synthetics as an alternative to fair trade and development diamonds are undercutting some of the poorest people in the world. Artisanal mining provides life and sustenance to millions when done in ecologically and socially responsible ways.

Buying to support Fair Trade diamonds is a much more responsible way to support humanity that buying synthetic diamonds made by companies.

It’s the difference between buying eggs from a factory farm or eggs from your local farmers market.

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