Health & Happiness: 25 Habits That Happy Women Practice, Part 2: Habits 7-15

By Aloha Curves/Jenny Craig

Curves is celebrating its 25th Birthday and the strong women who make it such a great community. In honor of the occasion, we’re sharing 25 habits that happy women practice. Last month we gave you six and for November, here are 9 more.

Challenge yourself to practice these habits:

Wake up early – See the sunrise, eat a healthy breakfast, and have a simple start to the day.

Put on a happy face – Smile at strangers. Smile at yourself in the mirror. You’ll make others feel good and make yourself feel great while showing off those pearly whites.

Save money – Set aside money from each paycheck to build a nest egg for new experiences and create lasting, happy memories to savor.

Give thanks – Have an attitude of gratitude wherever you go.

Eat wholesome food – Feeling depressed? Ditch the junk food for a nutritious and well-rounded diet, which can help your body and your mind.

  1. Listen to your body – Pay attention to when your body is telling you to slow down or get some rest.

Stay hydrated – Drink more water to help relieve fatigue and improve your mood.

Sleep a full 7-8 hours – Getting a good night’s sleep is key to warding off irritability, stress and ensuring better performance the next day.

Dance – Crank up the tunes and dance, baby, dance (and burn a few extra calories, too).

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