Health & Happiness: 25 Habits That Happy Women Practice, Part 3: Habits 15-25

By Aloha Curves/Jenny Craigbrg_logo_stacked

Curves is celebrating its 25th Birthday and the strong women who make it such a great community. In honor of the occasion, we’re sharing 25 habits that happy women practice. Last month we gave you six and for November, here are 10 more.

Challenge yourself to practice these habits:

  1. Ask for help – If you’re feeling overwhelmed with a work project or need a break overall, remember it’s ok to rely on others and ask for help.
  2. No drama – Brush it off. There are bigger fish to fry than worrying about what others think or petty squabbles.
  3. Speak only positively about yourself – It’s important to celebrate yourself. Go ahead and say it aloud: you’re strong; you had a great hair day; you knocked that presentation out of the park.
  4. Write in a journal – Take up journaling each night to help sort out your feelings in order to reflect.
  5. Set goals and meet them – Dream big! Working toward something, like a new fitness goal or a promotion, gives you purpose.
  6. Spend time with those you love – Remember to continue to build strong connections with your family and friends; the people you lean on the most.
  7. Do something creative – Take up painting, knitting, or gardening to express yourself and have fun.
  8. Listen – When catching up with a friend or meeting someone new, disconnect from technology and really give the other person your full attention.
  9. Forgive – Sure, someone may have cut in front of you, but it’s so much easier to just forgive and forget.
  10. Be a part of something bigger – Be an activist for something you believe in, join a book club, an art class, or find meaningful connections at your local Curves.

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