Health & Happiness: Resolutions or Re-Solutions?

Health & Happiness: Resolutions or Re-Solutions?

By Claire Darling

My favorite part of being a massage therapist is the problem solving. Curiosity about the root cause of an ailment helps me help others. I want people to feel better because the reason for the issue is resolving, not provide just a temporary distraction.

What happens if we apply this logic to our New Year’s Re-Solution list? It might look like this: I want to be more fit so I’m joining a gym or jogging.  Sounds healthy and appropriate. What if we hold Curiosity and ask: WHY do I want to be healthier? Whereas, my linear brain heard that it’s important to exercise 30 minutes three times a week, my heart-brain feels my deep fatigue which is really why I want to be healthier.  If the true answer is “I want to feel energized instead of fatigued”, then a gentler course might be a better match to serve my ultimate goal, maybe Restorative Yoga, MELT® class or massage.

Obviously, this could have gone the opposite direction: instead of yoga or napping, if what we really need is to discharge our stress energy; then a more vigorous choice would fit better.

Your unique body is the only one that can tell you the truth about what it needs to prosper in 2018.  But you have to ask!

Let’s greet one another with true Curiosity this year as practice for greeting ourselves that way. It could lead to entirely new Re-Solutions than we were expecting.

Claire Darling, LMT is a partner at Cascadia Community Bowen Clinic in downtown Beaverton where she helps people hold curiosity about their body’s wisdom. Call 503-747-4696.