KPTV FOX Channel 12: Dealership Recovers Stolen Cars With the help of this new app


A Beaverton car dealership got two vehicles back that were stolen from their lot thanks to a smartphone app.

The app called Halo was created by a Portland company to give drivers information about their cars and service reminders, but it can also track down the exact location of a vehicle.

That feature came in very handy for Beaverton Toyota after two cars were stolen right off the lot.

Surveillance video showed the thief break the window of a Toyota Highlander and drive off, and then thieves took a Tundra pick-up as well. When employees realized the vehicles were gone the next day, they remembered they both had Halo installed on them.

Police were able to track exactly where the vehicles were located using the app.

“The police came out, and when they saw what this application does, they were thoroughly impressed because they knew exactly where the car was,” said Josh Ford with Beaverton Toyota. “In fact, when we started tracking the Tundra, it was moving from Swan Island to southeast Portland.”

Employees said retrieving stolen cars can often take weeks or months, and by then they’ve often been stripped down.

The employees noted that they got these vehicles back with just a couple broken windows and in just 24 hours. Beaverton Toyota was the first local dealership to begin using the app.

“In this case, our app helped Beaverton Toyota, but you can imagine the safety implications for a family,” said Halo founder Tyler Phillipi.

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