KPTV FOX Channel 12: Making His First Capture, BPD’s newest K-9 on the job

By KPTV Staff18 rizzo1

Officer Anthony Bastinelli and his K-9 partner Rizzo responded to a car dealership on the 9600 block of Southwest Canyon Road.

Two people were spotted at the business and there was concern they may have been attempting to steal a car.

As police approached, the two people ran away. Rizzo tracked them down on Canyon Road.

Officers said the potential suspects ended up being two minors who were out after curfew. They were not arrested.

This was Rizzo’s first capture since he was certified as a police dog. Rizzo arrived in Beaverton from Slovakia earlier this year.

“One K-9 team has the potential to save the department hundreds of work hours per year because of the dog’s keen auditory and olfactory senses. As such, these highly trained teams are a valuable resource to the department. Beaverton Police Department’s teams are often called upon to assist other agencies,” according to the Beaverton Police Department.

Along with police work, Beaverton’s K-9 teams are involved in demonstrations at numerous community events throughout the year, including neighborhood picnics, National Night Out and the Beaverton Police Citizens Academy.

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