KPTV FOX Channel 12: Missing Giraffe in Beaverton?


Some social media confusion led the Beaverton Police Department to issue an unusual statement: “We are not searching for a baby giraffe.” Officers said errant social media reports stemming from a post on Craigslist led people to believe there was a baby giraffe missing in Beaverton.

When the story started to be shared online, police wanted to put the rumors to rest. “They are cute and we would search for one if they were missing,” the Beaverton Police Department posted on Facebook. Once it was clear there was no endangered giraffe in Beaverton, people were able to have some fun with the story.

Some community members posted on the department’s Facebook page comments ranging from simple laughs to suggestions that this could be the start of a new mounted patrol or surveillance team. One commenter noted that if the giraffe story had been true, the animal should get a ticket for being lost. Police responded that a lost giraffe can still be a law-abiding giraffe.

“There is no state law or city code related to being a lost giraffe so there would be no reason to issue the giraffe a ticket,” the Beaverton Police Department posted online.

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